God is Good

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.”  Lamentations 3:25 

For 40 years Jeremiah had warned the people of Jerusalem about the coming destruction of the city and the judgment by the Lord as a result of their rejection of Jehovah as their God and for their reluctance to repent. For his prophecies, Jeremiah suffered tremendous hardship and persecution at the hands of his own countrymen.

When the city, the temple and the palace were reduced to rubble and the citizens of Jerusalem were carried away as captives, it would have been so easy for Jeremiah, who remained behind, to say “See, I told you so!” Instead, he chose to turn his eyes upon the Lord, the covenant God of Israel, and he remembers God's promises of faithfulness to His people. As the prophet sat among the ashes for Jerusalem; somehow his faith was directed to Jehovah who created the entire universe by His word.

God's goodness is just as powerful as His creative ability. The goodness of God includes all the qualities of an ideal person. Qualities like His holiness, righteousness and truth, all speak of His goodness. Just think now about God’s love, mercy and grace! God is good!!

God's goodness is towards those who wait and seek. What does in mean to wait? The word wait is ‘qavah' in Hebrew and it means to tie or to twist together. Waiting on the Lord means to bind your heart to Him, and to trust in Him, despite your circumstances.

In spite of evil, God is working out his good purposes. Circumstances are never so bad that they are beyond God’s help. We need never despair, because we belong to a loving God. We never know what good he will bring out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

What about you? Do you trust God enough to wait patiently for him to bring good out of bad situations? You can trust him because God can overrule people’s evil intentions to bring about his intended results. "Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!" Psalm 27:14

Now, I am not a patient person and I don’t like to wait for anything. I have never found waiting for God to be easy. Often it seems that He isn’t answering my prayers or doesn’t understand the urgency of my situation. But when I allow myself to think that way it implies that God is not in control or is not fair. Yet here in Lamentations 3:25, Jeremiah calls us to hope in and wait on the Lord because so often God uses waiting to refresh, renew, and teach us.

If God wants you to wait for Him, then how can you make good use of your time? You can discover what God may be trying to teach you as you walk through your circumstances. Jeremiah said that God is good to those who seek Him. To seek the Lord means to frequent Him each day. It also means to pursue Him.  What is it you are doing today to pursue God?

Maybe it’s happiness you are trying to pursue, and it’s eluding you. So many people I meet believe that having lots of money or things will make them happy. So they are constantly in pursuit, buying this or that. Money never really satisfies, because you will always want the next thing. But if you seek the Lord, you will be joyful no matter what your station is in life. Frequent the Lord; follow Jesus; learn all that you can about what He has to say in the gospels.

Can you say today “I am seeking the Lord?” Lord, wherever you are, that’s where I want to be. So the Lord is good to those who are tied to, or twisted together with Him, waiting on the Lord, strengthened and preserved by Him.  And He is good to those who seek after and pursue Him. What are you seeking today?

As believers, God has given us such tremendous promises. If you will wait for God, and seek His face, and acknowledge that everything good in your life is from Him, goodness will follow you wherever you go.  

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Bob

God Chose You

Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the pilgrims of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in sanctificaiton of the Spirit, for obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace to you and peace be multipied. 1 Peter 1:1-2 

Can I tell you today how much God loves you? He loves everything about you! He enjoyed making you, forming your personality, shaping your sense of humor, and picking the color of your eyes. For some of you, He chose blue eyes, others brown or green. He wanted to make some of you very shy, so it’s hard for you to come to a new church and sit with people you don’t know very well. Some of you thrive on being in the crowd; you are a people person, so the bigger the crowd, the louder the group, the more you love being in the center.  To some of you, God gave a special heart to serve, so when you see a need, you ask if you can take care of it. One thing is for sure, we are all unique!

Sometimes we forget that we are special, so here in 1 Peter 1:2, Paul reminds us of something we often forget when we are suffering: we are God's elect.  The Greek word here is eklektoi which means chosen, precious and loved. 

God chose you!  You are precious to God! God created you: eyes, hair, body, sense of humor, shy or outgoing, sports or an indoor guy, musical or mathematical. He created you, chose you and redeemed. Now you belong to God. That’s what “elect” means.

We are complete in Him. To be complete in Him means God accepts us based on what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. So, when God looks at your life, He sees, not you, but the righteousness of Christ. To know that you are holy in God’s eyes is equal to being content. Now that you are complete in Christ, heaven is open to you through Christ and you can have true peace with your creator.

  • When you are lost, He will guide you.

  • When you are ready to give up, He will carry you.

  • When you stumble and fall, He will pick you up again.

  • When you lose hope, He gives you true purpose for your life.

  • When you face problems, He gives you confidence.


You no longer have to try to earn His love and favor by your works but through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, you know that God accepts you.  You can finally rest, for you are complete in Him. Though others may be critical of you, when Jesus sees you, He sees someone that He loves so very much. God loves you, but are you looking for people who need your love?

This is a key element we often miss when we are persecuted, suffering and in pain. Our focus is on self, but the Lord knows that what’s best for us during seasons of suffering, is to seek to love and serve others. When you recognize who you are in Christ on the inside, you will remember what you should be wearing on the outside. It is then that kindness, longsuffering and forgiveness will just flow from you, because you are greatly beloved.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Bob


© 2014